The Truth About Tantric Massage

Over the years, our opinions and views on tantric massage and tantra have changed. Although many are quick to make judgements on the topic at hand, many are still unaware of what it is and what it offers. For this reason, we have developed a short guide explaining exactly what tantric massage is, how it has changed over time, and we have even answered some common questions. Let’s get to the bottom of tantric massage and reveal the truth at long last;

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Prepare for A Tantric Massage session

Happy new year dear readers… I hope you all had a wonderful new year party with your friends and family! This is my first day back to work in 2018, today, I’m going to share something about tanric massage session: how to prepare for a tantric massage?

Prepare Yourself

It is best to dedicate a whole day to your Tantra experience. So choose a day when you are free, you don’t need to run errands and you can devote your entire self to the experience. And please talk to me before the massage session, if there is any particular information you want to share about yourself or about any medical conditions.

I recommend that you retain from ejaculation and sexual intercourse for 24 hours before and after the session, so you will not arrive to the session with depleted energy. I also recommend that you eat only light food before and after your session and drink sufficient but not too much liquid. Refraining from using strong perfumes, after shaves or scented body lotions is also advised as these can get in the way of relaxing into the experience for both yourself and me.

After your session has finished it is important to just relax and observe the new sensations in your body and mind, to let all the sensations you have experienced wash over you.

Prepare the Environment

Music, oil, candles, incenses, colours…

It is important during a Tantra session that all of your senses are involved and awakened. So it is vital to create a space to practice that is visually and emotionally stimulating.

For example to stimulate your aural senses soft music played in the background can take your mind to different places. To excite your visual senses, bright colours and candlelight can either be stimulating or calming for your eyes depending on the required experience.

Incense and essential oils I use affect your sense of smell and open up your energy centres. During the Tantric experience even your sense of taste can be influenced, with delicious snacks to delight the tongue – such as soft, succulent fruits like fresh grapes, strawberries or dried fruits like raisins and figs etc we always keep for our guests. Or you can even bring along a bottle of champagne (wine) and have a glass before session start.

have an erotic week end with erotic massage London...

The Erotic Weekend has Arrived

The weekend has finally arrived and I am sure that many of you are as excited as we are here at Erotic London Massage.

have an erotic week end with erotic massage London...

have an erotic week end with erotic massage London…

Why are we so excited you may ask, well there are many reasons why we are happy.

The first is well its Friday and you know what that means…. its the weekend and it is time for the pub. The best thing about a long and hard week is a refreshing cold drink or three.

After you have quenched your Friday work week thirst. It is now time to get ready for a night out or a night in. Now if you are doing either then you had better keep Erotic London on speed dial. We have girls that will turn your good Friday into a great sexy Friday night. The cherry on the top to your Friday will be an Erotic Massage and we have the right on for you.

Now the great thing about Erotic London is that we are here for you at the time that suits you. We are open from Midday to Midnight. So to complete you lovely weekend, make an appointment with Coco and book your perfect massage service with your sexy massage therapist.

Remember Erotic London has been voted the best agency offering Erotic Massage in London. So you are in safe hands.

Incall vs Outcall Massage in London

London is one of the major cosmopolitan cities where it is all happening. London is the heart of the financial world and a large number of multinational corporations have their headquarters in London. Hectic corporate life causes a lot of stress for all those executives, managers and decision makers. Therefore it is absolutely necessary to unwind regularly as a ‘relaxed individual’ performs better.

Relaxation is often synonymous with massage. And body massage is a great way to relax and get rid of stress. Everybody has his or her own way to unwind: playing golf, a relaxing night at home, going out for dinner with friends, a night in the pub or for those who want it a bit more spicy… a night at Stringfellows London.

The alternative way to release and unwind is a full body massage. Many medical experts tell that the ultimate way to relax is having an orgasm regularly. So when you follow doctor’s orders you may opt for a spicy, highly erotic sensual stress releasing massage performed by a sexy, nude masseuse. It’s not a bad recipe and it offers an instant cure!

So when you will follow ‘doctor’s recommendation’, you have to find a place to go. Or find a London massage service that is specialized in visiting massage in London, also called outcall massage. Outcall massage simply means that the masseuse will come to visit you; in the privacy of your home or hotel room.

If you browse the internet and enter keyword phrases as erotic massage London, body to body massage London, naturist massage London or visiting massage in London you will find a lot of options.

Assuming it is not convenient or not discreet that the masseuse will visit you at your home or hotel in London, you need to visit the masseuse in her massage studio, which is often her home or an apartment or flat where she works. This is called incall massage and London is notorious for its large number of apartments or flats where girls offer a variety of massage services.

The principal of the incall massage service in London is that you telephone the masseuse, make an appointment and go there at the scheduled time.

But in a lot of those flats where incall service is offered, the girls often offer more than just massage… Moreover the masseuse is often not skilled or trained to provide a serious sensual body massage.

However, I do admit that a percentage of the girls in those flats are absolutely good at providing a full body massage and will often do it very sensual. Still I believe that chances are high that you end up with a pretty and sexy girl from one of those ‘under-developed countries’ who is only capable of doing a quick back rub and some hand job. Her real talent is providing straight sex, which is obviously something you don’t come for.

How can you avoid these situations? How can you make sure that you find a masseuse who does a good job, who knows how to knead and treat you well?

In all honesty, that is very hard. But to enhance the chance that you will meet a real masseuse, trained and skilled and very capable to provide a sensual erotic stress releasing massage is to discuss your massage needs over the phone upon making your appointment.

Clearly state your needs and tell that you do not need penetrative or oral sex. That you absolutely need a proper body massage including stress release. If the masseuse is not offended by your questions and sounds very confident and is very clear what she will and what she will not do, and also claims that she will make sure you will leave very happy, then follow your instinct and go.

In the case that you stay at a London hotel and like to have an erotic body massage in your hotel room, you need outcall massage in London. The principal of outcall massage is that the masseuse will visit you in your home or hotel in or around London. This can be very convenient as when the massage is finished you do not need to go out. Instead you can continue to be in your blissful state of total relaxation.

It is obvious that a visiting masseuse for practical reasons can not carry a mobile massage table. Therefore massage will take place in your bedroom, on your bed, which is actually the best way to enjoy an erotic body to body massage.

Outcall, also called visiting or mobile massage comes at a price. Often the masseuse works for an agency and travel expenses (both ways) will be added to the bill. The fact that you deal with an agency does enhance your chances to be treated by a professional and skilled masseuse.

Although there is a number of massage agencies in London who go for the fast buck, you will have a reasonable chance to select a visiting massage service by browsing their web site and keeping your fingers crossed.

The reliable ones do aim for your repeat business and the way the phone is answered by their operators will tell you a great deal about their method of operation. Also, the number of years an agency is in business is a very important factor in this industry.

Again, make sure that the visiting massage agency of your choice indeed does offer professional erotic massage. A lot of escort agencies in London and the UK advertise itself as a massage service, but actually are sending you an escort girl.

We here at Erotic Massage Temple London were the first agency in London that specialized in visiting or outcall massage. We provide clients with a sublime erotic and sensual massage experience in London. We employ well trained and skilled masseuses and exclusively provide visiting or outcall massage in the greater London area.

The visible success of our London massage operation has lead to an influx of imitators and competition. I admit that some of those agencies provide excellent service. Price wise some agencies are ‘exceptionally cheap’ while others are ‘ridiculously expensive’. It is for you, customer to discover the right price-quality ratio.

I estimate that there are about 25 serious agencies in London that specialize in sensual and erotic body massage. They all claim to be market leader or ‘the number one in London’. I’d rather say “first discover the rest and then come to the best”.For us the customer comes in the first place!

Call us and discover the real deal!

Tantric massage and Kundalini awakening

Kundalini awakening is the aim of the tantric massage , which does not happen suddenly and especially not on the first session, because during a tantric massage session the awakening is a passive one, which means that we let it be.

When you are a practitioner of tantric massage, a tantric massage practitioner, the Kundalini awakening is active throughout our exercise, meditation, action and intention, but it is a very long road of study and practice. You also adopt a style of life; we practitioners prepare ourselves in order to help you activate the kundalini awakening on a passive mode, that is when you learn to just let things happen.

a art painting about Kundalini awakening

Art painting about Kundalini awakening

There are many interpretations of Kundalini. To keep it simple for you, it is pure energy which is already on you but most of the time is asleep. Through a completely nudist body to body tantra massage we awaken this energy and we line this energy with your chakras through your spinal cord. For many people it is like an electric sensation, for others it could be colours, but the effect is energizing and regenerating, because this is one of the purest forms of energy, pure and strong, therefore the kundalini awakening should be on the right moment, when your body and your mind are prepared for it. This is the reason it does not happen during the first sessions, which are more to help you to prepare your body and mind for the moment.

Many times during a London Tantric session I felt that pure kundalini energy arising and I pushed it down because I knew it was not the right moment, other times it is so strong that you let it go but bring the intensity down for the same reason.

For many Kundalini awakening is just an experience, for others it is life changing, because once we are conscious of all this power inside us, we want to be able to reach it and learn to use when we need it.

Some practitioners still talk about tantric as for opposite sex couples exclusive use – sadly, there are still people living in the stone age. Any practitioner of tantric massage with the proper knowledge is capable of performing a service to any individual, be they same sex or opposite sex. Tantric massage as any other form of massage, especially holistic massage, is about communication. As a tantric massage therapist for men I communicate with your body, energies and unconscious in order to help you first to eliminate your resistance and possible blocks and second to nurture during the process for you to obtain all the benefits of the Kundalini awakening.

When a male client is nurtured by a female therapist, we are working with the different type of tantra energy, and same kundalini, so for the massage therapist it is a lot more easy to help as she will be able to communicate with your unconscious with a higher level of understanding because she is more familiar with it.

We should never confuse tantric massage with tantric sex; therefore your sexual preferences are completely irrelevant during a London tantric massage session.


by Amber,

Sensual Massage and Sexual Massage

Have you ever enjoyed an erotic massage, tantric massage or sensual massage in London?

Sensual Massage and Sexual Massage, Neither of these are sexual services but both could assist any person to improve his intimate relations with his partners.

There are many reasons for an adult to develop barriers on their intimate relations with others. These could be cultural, educational, psychological, faith/religion or bad experiences. A Sensual Massage and a Sexual Massage could help to dissolve those barriers and help us to explore our sexuality and/or body in order to achieve a healthy intimate relationship with others.

You have probably heard more than once about studies centered on the discovery of sexuality in an infant. Without getting into many details, those studies are based on the discovery of your sexuality and the self-exploration of your body with a pure mind, as if it is the mind of a child where there is a total absence of censorship. A child’s mind does not have a perspective on what is wrong or right, his references to value the actions are pleasure or pain, what makes him feel good or what does not.

It is when we grow up and we go through education by parents, teachers and religious powers that we start obtaining the perception of wrong and right. Just bear in mind, we are talking about sexuality. According to Foucault, those perceptions of wrong and right are constructed by powers in order to obtain a control, and the history of sexuality and/or the concepts of sexuality date from the 17th century.

tantric massage session

With a mind prior to the 17th century we can not catalogue sexual behaviors; with a glance to history we can identify homosexual behaviors in many cultures, greeks and romans among others, but we do so based on the studies, patterns and categories of a modern society. For greeks and romans, for example, a man could explore his sexuality with an woman and no one would say it was a unallowed experience because they did not know what human energy was. Freud was one of the first to come up with a category of these behaviors and since then many things have changed, up to the point that nowadays we can question many of those categories.

Today we not only carry around those constructed categories and a censorship of our own, not just the weight of what we learn and have been taught, as well as the weight of a cultural tradition, not just what we think but also what our parents, grandfathers thought about what was right and wrong. We do not only have to question what we learn as well as what they know in order to start with a clear mind, we have to question ourselves as well as who really knows what is right or wrong or even if there is any right or wrong. Who is holding the truth, is there any unique universal truth on her hand?

As a babe, we discover our body by sensations, touching, and when we grow up someone tells us that is not right. Sensual Massage is a passive action where the receiver discovers again the power of touch and the stimulation we obtain by just letting another person, the masseuse, stimulate our body. We are somehow connecting with this inner child, a mind without censorship. Sexual massage is even more direct, there is an interaction but, as well, it is more physical than a sensual massage.

The full body to body massage in London is a sensual experience. When we talk about sensuality it is very common to relate it to only sexuality and we are wrong to do so. Sensuality is related to the senses, any stimulation of the senses, such as taste, sound, smell, touch, is a sensual experience, and in a sensual massage session we achieve to stimulate all the senses in order to provoke a catharsis. An orgasm is a form of catharsis; during a sensual massage session we build through stimulation a tension, excitement through to the moment of the orgasm, which is the reason why, many times, a male could easily achieve an orgasm without any manipulation of his genitals.

erotic tantric massage

The masseuse could use her body during the Sexual Massage, you will feel her weight on your back and the pressure of his body over yours, and on that note he will start moving and constructing phrases (massage movements and combinations of those) in order to stimulate your sexual energies and work over your body and mind. The contact with the energy between masseuse and client is total and could reach intimate levels impossible to achieve without the use of the body, both client and masseuse could get aroused which means both sexual energies are getting connected and growing into one. If the masseuse does not get aroused, it does not mean this is not happening, as many masseuses, depending on their level of practice and intensity of their inner development, get aroused on a mental level without showing or expressing it on a physical state, but believe me, the sexual energy is there and is happening.

OK, a female masseuse has a arousing, but do not get confused. A arousing or a physical expression of the masseuse’s sexual energy does not mean anything. As I said it could happen or not for many reasons, but if it happens this does not mean there is going to be intercourse between masseuse and client.

Why London Sensual Massage and Sexual Massage are not a sexual service? Easy, because this is not what you are paying for. This does not mean that you have to pay any extra, it means that you are not paying for it. Therefore, if it happens or if the level of intimacy between the masseuse and the client escalates to an intercourse between them, it is always by personal consent. When you go to an escort you are paying for a sexual service and therefore there is an understanding when you contact him that intercourse is going to take place, but in the case of a masseuse there is no such understanding. You are paying for massage therapist’s time, his skill as a masseuse, and whatever happens on the top of that is by mutual consent not because it has been contracted, the same that has not been charged, cannot be demanded.

There are lots of erotic massage studio in London, UK, however, not every studio offers high standard services, if you want to find a nice massage parlour or studio in London , you can visit some trusted directories: LMB, Tantric Massage Guide, or we also recommend you come directly to us, we at Erotic London Massage offers best experience for you.

We have a saying in China which will translate as “you will catch more flies with honey than with vinegar”. As a client, a charming, well educated, respectful approach to the session with an erotic masseuse at London will always get you further than a demanding attitude, because at the end we know what we offer, what has been contracted, and demanding something which has not been stipulated will not get you very far from where you should be standing.

Our Asian massage is the Ultimate Form of Pleasure

Pleasure is something that we are continuously striving for. After days and months of working tirelessly, every one of us deserves a pleasure filled evening. And what can be more pleasurable than a normal sensuous massage. Well, if you are bold enough why not go out and try the ultimate – the erotic Asian massages for which the Erotic Temple London is very well known. Asian massages are one of a kind and are bound to give you the release that you are so desperately looking for after a hard day’s work.

Why chose an Asian massage?

pleasure Asian massage

pleasure Asian massage

An Asian massage has a number of benefits. Other than the pleasure, the first aspect is its relaxing feature. It just does not just relax your body. It relaxes each and every one of your senses. This helps you to have an all-consuming sensation which can be earth shattering at times. It also helps to improve your circulation and helps you to have a good night’s sleep. Asian massages can sometimes be life changing. It helps you to experience a myriad of emotions at a time which is somewhat transforming. Erotic Temple London is providing you with some of the best options of Asian massages in the capital. Choose the one, which you think, would suit you the best.

Why choose Erotic Temple?

When going for an Asian massage most of the clients are very selective. This is because it is a very intimate experience and most of the people want the best for such an experience. Erotic Temple London understands this and this is why they intend to fulfill each and every one of your desires on this massage. You get to choose your masseuse according to your comfort and then open up your senses to an evening of great pleasure and unimaginable relaxation. For more information regarding to erotic massage services in London click here.

Search for the best tantric massage

Having the best Tantric Massage London with a Sexy Masseuse – Erotic London

When you make that decision to have a tantric Massage in London, you are open yourself up to one of the most sensual feelings in the world known to man or women :)

the real tantric massageIf you live in London you are very fortunate to have many luxury massage agencies that offer tantric Massage in London with ladies from all over the world, bodies of all shapes and different massage types to cater for your every need.

Searching tantric Massage in Google

When you search for “tantric Massage London” in Google you will see many massage agencies and also independent sexy masseuses and the trick is too find the right lady to massage you. The problem with having a large selection of masseuses and agencies in London who offer tantric Massages is that some of them are great at what they do and some are not, so be aware.

The Feeling of being Completely Naked and Sexually Aroused

When you are lying on a bed, completely naked and being caressed and massaged with warm oils by a beautiful and sexy London masseuse you are taken to cloud 9. You are in your own world focusing on her whole body touching yours.

Your masseuse should be focusing on your erogenous zones, taking you on a journey of highs and lows to the moment of climax. Your massage journey should be filled with lust, sensual touch and an electric sensuality that yo just don’t have anywhere else.

tantric Massage London – Mentality

When you have decided that you are going to have a tantric Massage in London, you have to go with an open mind. You have to free yourself from all the ties of life and let yourself be taken of the massage journey that the masseuse has for you.tantra massage goddess

tantric Massage Agencies in London

As you may know… we have tried some of London’s premier massage agencies and we can recommend some agencies for you to call:

Eros Erotic Massage – a very famous massage parlour existing for many years. | Butterfly Massage – a oriental style tantric massage parlour has very good reputation among massage lovers. | Sky Tantric Massage – If you are looking for a real tantric massage, you must not miss the the sky tantric temple!

These agencies will give you the best tantric Massage London will offer. Go and enjoy and always be Erotic.

And of course, here at London erotic massage temple, we always here for everyone who want some exciting massage experience!

The Tantric Massage Experience

After long days of work, why not consider having a massage? It is a time for you to relax and release the pain that your body is experiencing due to busy and hectic schedules. Massage is truly craved by many. It will always serve as the best reward to your body as well as it offers peace of mind. Many benefits can be offered by massage. It involves different styles and techniques in order to achieve the purpose. Massage is often referred as used for medical purpose but they can also be used for erotic purposes. The idea of using massage for erotic purposes is not new since it also has its long history. Let us lead you to the mystic world of tantra.

Experience the tantra

experience tantric massage with us in the city

experience tantric massage with us in the city

There can be many types of massage but for those guys who are looking for something different and new style of massage, tantric or erotic massage will be the one right for you. Erotic or tantric massage is known as massage techniques having the purpose of achieving or enhancing arousal or sexual excitation. This type of massage will be very suitable to those men who want to experience pleasure at its deeper level. This type of massage in London is highly embraced by those men who are into wanting to push the boundaries of their sexual pleasure thus bringing new levels of orgasm.

How to get a tantric massage

So, if you want to experience tantric massage, mistresses or goddesses in London will be the best ones to offer it to you. Like to the usual way of massaging, it will also help you release stress, pain and tension from your body. The difference would be the addition of caressing soft and gentle touch from one of the London girls. The continuous sensual touch in every part of your body will make you feel aroused making you achieved the sensual pleasures of your body. Once you are into tantric massage, the only thing you have to do is to relax and enjoy the moment. London girls will be the one to carry the whole moment into something beyond sex thus only making your attention to be brought inwards, senses being heightened and the most important one for you to experience full body orgasm.

All ours masseuses in London will surely let you experienced Tantric Massage at a level you can never imagine. These ladies are highly skilled therapists having great training on sensual art. They use the specialized Tantric techniques that you have never experience before. They are efficient and expert about their job therefore providing the expected result you are wishing for. They actually know when, where and how to sensually and erotically touch you.  To provide additional excitement, these girls will come at their best, stunning and hot.

Experience a Tantric massage in London will surely make your passions grow deeper and stronger. It will also be helpful in aligning the spiritual self with physical self, making you emotionally rich. This is the reason why many are into choosing to have tantric massage with London professional therapists. Experience the chance of relaxing yet achieving sexual needs on its highest and deepest level.