Tantric massage and Kundalini awakening

Kundalini awakening is the aim of the tantric massage , which does not happen suddenly and especially not on the first session, because during a tantric massage session the awakening is a passive one, which means that we let it be.

When you are a practitioner of tantric massage, a tantric massage practitioner, the Kundalini awakening is active throughout our exercise, meditation, action and intention, but it is a very long road of study and practice. You also adopt a style of life; we practitioners prepare ourselves in order to help you activate the kundalini awakening on a passive mode, that is when you learn to just let things happen.

a art painting about Kundalini awakening

Art painting about Kundalini awakening

There are many interpretations of Kundalini. To keep it simple for you, it is pure energy which is already on you but most of the time is asleep. Through a completely nudist body to body tantra massage we awaken this energy and we line this energy with your chakras through your spinal cord. For many people it is like an electric sensation, for others it could be colours, but the effect is energizing and regenerating, because this is one of the purest forms of energy, pure and strong, therefore the kundalini awakening should be on the right moment, when your body and your mind are prepared for it. This is the reason it does not happen during the first sessions, which are more to help you to prepare your body and mind for the moment.

Many times during a London Tantric session I felt that pure kundalini energy arising and I pushed it down because I knew it was not the right moment, other times it is so strong that you let it go but bring the intensity down for the same reason.

For many Kundalini awakening is just an experience, for others it is life changing, because once we are conscious of all this power inside us, we want to be able to reach it and learn to use when we need it.

Some practitioners still talk about tantric as for opposite sex couples exclusive use – sadly, there are still people living in the stone age. Any practitioner of tantric massage with the proper knowledge is capable of performing a service to any individual, be they same sex or opposite sex. Tantric massage as any other form of massage, especially holistic massage, is about communication. As a tantric massage therapist for men I communicate with your body, energies and unconscious in order to help you first to eliminate your resistance and possible blocks and second to nurture during the process for you to obtain all the benefits of the Kundalini awakening.

When a male client is nurtured by a female therapist, we are working with the different type of tantra energy, and same kundalini, so for the massage therapist it is a lot more easy to help as she will be able to communicate with your unconscious with a higher level of understanding because she is more familiar with it.

We should never confuse tantric massage with tantric sex; therefore your sexual preferences are completely irrelevant during a London tantric massage session.


by Amber, Erotic-London.com