Tantric Massage Is Much More Than Sexual Stimulation and Satisfaction

The Tantric Arts encompasses five areas: Tantric Breathing, Tantric Massage, Tantric Meditation, Tantric Sex and Tantric Yoga. And, of all these, the hardest one to define is the Tantric Massage, as there is no real standard to it. This means therapists who employ the technique may have each their own way of carrying it out.

It’s difficult to discern exactly what you’ll get with Tantric Massage, which is why when people hear the term, they think of it a simple sexual/sensual massage.

That’s not always the case!


Kundalini: What Happens When The Tantric Massage Wakes It Up

erotic london tantric massage

erotic london tantric massage

One key reason for the Tantric Massage is to wake up the Kudalini, which is a potent healing form of energy that lies dormant at the bottom of the spine (sacrum). It can take years of constant practice in the different Tantric arts to completely arouse the Kudalini.

Once the Kudalini is awake, it moves from out of the area under the sacrum and up the spine, circulating through the body – to ensure it energizes and heals the body.  It’s acknowledged that it can instill a lot of energy into someone, giving the body a powerful ability to heal whether it’s a spiritual, emotional or physical sickness.

Why the popularity in Tantric Arts? One reason is that it offers all kinds of pleasures – side effects. For example:

When the Kudalini is woken up, it also wakes up the body’s sexual energy. Now, the Kudalini is not the same as sexual energy, but the two things do interweave with each other. When the Kudalini comes out of its hibernation, the sexual energy is also drawn out.  The Kudalini circulates through the whole body, which can be extremely gratifying. Keep in mind though this is just a side effect, and it is ancillary to Kudalini’s healing power.


Tantric Massage: What Kinds Of Benefits Do People Get From It?

There are all kinds of benefits in undergoing the tantric massage. What kinds of benefits can be found with this often overlooked option?

  • It gets rid of any sexual frustration, turning it into utter bliss.
  • It can raise your core’s inner energy frequency. This energy is then spread through other areas of the body and ensures the inner energy stays high for an extended period of time, even for days.
  • The longer the feeling of high energy state, the more your body benefits. This increased erotic state energy is similar to the increased youth energy.
  • The youthful energy ensures healing takes place throughout the body. The longer you’re exposed to the art, the more benefits the body gets, both in the short-term and long-term.
  • It will teach you how to feel and learn what pleases you while being aroused.
  • It can give you clarity at work and play.
  • It increases the body’s circulation, ensuring oxygen reaches all areas.
  • It allows men who suffer with erectile dysfunction to have the mind-blowing pleasure and bliss.
  • It allows a person to experience touching from a person who has the touch to show them the possibilities that are in the body while relieving them of their stress.
  • It can relax muscles that have been overused and reduce the feeling in old injuries.

With the tantric massage, you’ll experience emotional releases, which allows you to forgive yourself or other people for things that happened in the past. There’s freedom from any shame you may have felt, and acceptance in with way your body is being pleasured. You may even feel inspired or gain new insights. Things could happen within you that no words can express.

One key way to ensure somebody attains the multiple, whole body orgasm experience is to do a tantric erotic massage. This is an ancient, hands-only method to erotic empowerment that ensures the person reaches the state of safe sexual ecstasy. The tantric massage is a great way to enjoy new sexual pleasures and heights and give a person additional vitality and health.

Think of the tantric massage is a supernatural journey, where you are not judged and are completely safe. With tantric massage, you’ll learn more about yourself.

What Is The Lingam Massage?

The Lingam Massage (also known as the Sacred Lingam Healing) is a sacramental that honors and heals the penis. Lingam stands for penis is Sanskrit and means “wand of light”. Lingam has been known to help with male sexual problems such as premature ejaculation. It also helps in bettering and healing male sexual stamina. The sacred ritual allows you to release yourself from old beliefs that hinder you from being the best lover possible. It also allows you to fully enjoy your sexuality.


What Is The Sacred Spot Massage?

Sacred Spot Massage refers to a revered tantric ritual that arouses the sexual-spiritual prostate. You can reach the prostate through your anus, and can be found by placing a finger inside the anus in an upwards direction, toward the belly.

tantric massage goddess

tantric massage goddess

Men are often apprehensive about this, but it’s actually the most erotic parts of the body. And, it can be an incredible erotic experience. A massage of the prostate allows men to enjoy more pleasure, have more energy, release any sexual trauma and relieve themselves of a deeply, guarded emotions.  Some physicians feel prostate massages are important to the health of male genitalia.

What Makes The Prostate Massage Such A Pleasurable Experience

There are four reasons why a prostate massage is such a worthwhile experience:

1 – Sensitivity of the Anus

The anus, along with the genital area, is connected to millions of nerve endings, all of which are super sensitive. Every one of these nerve endings can produce gratifying sensations.

2 – Unseen/Hidden Penis

One-third of the penis is deep inside the body. The base of the penis is pressured in a similar fashion to the prostate. When all three are stimulated at the same time, it can produce some breathtaking effects.

3 – Ejaculations Reflex Sensations

These sensations are the result of stroking, pressing or rubbing the prostate gland through the rectal wall. The most orgasmic sensations are similar to what men feel during ejaculation.

4 – Physiological Highs

Prostate massages give a mental high that physiological stimulation can’t beat. Just the idea of men places themselves in a susceptible situation leads to a potent psychosomatic rush.

What Is The Spot Massage?

This method is not for the faint at heart, but rather for men who want to have an all-over body experience.

A male’s G Spot is found inside the Anus. This is a pleasure spot that few have ever seen before.  With a massage from a professional Goddess, you can get past your fear and feel a release that you never thought you’d feel.  The Goddess permits you into learning about your true sexual self, which will leave you changed. Once tried, you’ll want to do it over and over.