Colorful Erotic Massages That You Can Receive From Our London Massage Therapists

We have different kinds of erotic massages that you can enjoy from one of our massage therapist – each one has its own benefits, rituals and influences. And, of course, you don’t have to just stick with one massage; you can always compliment the treatment you are receiving.

erotic massage in London

1 – the Body to Body Massage

£130 for 60mins

A body to body massage is exactly like it sounds… a massage on the body. Your masseuse will give you an over-all nude sensual massage – stomach, thighs, feet and arms. Each inch of your body will be cossetted and bring you to a state of happiness.

2 – Seduction Massage

£130 for 60mins

The seduction massage is therapy that begins with a sexy, slow striptease. After completely strips down, she will sensually unclothe you and start the massage. This massage will set your nerve endings on fire, as the massage therapist’s whole body is used to massage your body.

nuru massage

3 – Slippery Nuru Massage

£150 for 60mins

The nuru massage, which comes from Japan, is extremely erotic and naked. It uses the Nuru gel, which comes from seaweed. It’s placed on the therapist’s nude body and allows them to slip and slide all over yours. This ensures that the most body contact is made and provides outstanding sensations.

4 – Tantric Massage

£130 for 60mins

Tantra – A highly-erotic massage. This massage was started in India and created to unearth the powerful sexual energies. With warm oils, your massage therapist will use their hands to increase your sexual energy until you give into the bliss.

tantric massage
deep massage

5 – Swedish Massage

£100 for 60mins

This sensual massage can help with those aches and pains you feel, as it lets the body unwind.? It’s a non-erotic treatment that’s geared toward your particular needs. There are all kinds of benefits to this type of massage including but not limited to:

  • Increase of better sleep
  • Increase in energy
  • Better health

6 – Prostate Massage

£150 for 60mins

A very special session of Tantric massage. Many claim prostate massage to be capable of introducing men to pleasure unlike any they have ever experienced. Prostate massage has may?benefits for male’s health, but the massage itself?is also?a extremely pleasurable experience. In fact, the prostate is often referred to as the ‘male G-spot’, many men will achieve a huge orgasm during our London prostate massage.?(Studies show the sensations experienced by men through this form of sensual massage are similar to those females experience through their G-spot. )

prostate massage London

Special Requirements.

Couple Massages

If you want your love life to go to a whole different level, you can do the couples massages. Lay together while two of our sexy massage therapists bring your body to a state of ecstasy. Pick any of the treatments above to cherish with your partner and take part in the stimulating experience together.

Massages for Her

The Erotic Massages are not just for men; we also have it to where women can also enjoy them. Massage therapy for women allow them to safely explore their sensuality. They can opt for either a female or male massage therapist of ours and are in total control over their treatment. Again, they can use any of the above treatments to experience the powerful pleasure.

note: special massage 4 her needs to book at least 24hours in advance.

Companionship Services (For Men)

Rate: n/a available on request

If you want companion services, our massage therapists are available for business trips and social occasions. It doesn’t matter what type of event or outing it is, our massage therapists will meet you at your chosen location, completely groomed and ready for the day/night.