The Truth About Tantric Massage

Over the years, our opinions and views on tantric massage and tantra have changed. Although many are quick to make judgements on the topic at hand, many are still unaware of what it is and what it offers. For this reason, we have developed a short guide explaining exactly what tantric massage is, how it has changed over time, and we have even answered some common questions. Let’s get to the bottom of tantric massage and reveal the truth at long last;

Tantric Massage – What is it? – By far, this is the most common question of all and we have a simple definition for you – In a sensual candle-lit environment, tantric massage uses oils and body-to-body massage techniques in order to reach an explosive release of tantric energy.

Where did it come from? – Although many believe it to be a fairly new style of massage, history suggests that we started using sensual massage techniques in around 5AD. In the beginning, it was mainly found in India and it stayed this way for a long time. However, the end of the 18th Century saw it move to the Western World. Even after its arrival, it never really took off until the 1960s in a period where sexuality became a more open topic of conversation.


Has it changed over time? – Ultimately, the end goal of tantric massage has always been the same but the different techniques used in order to get there have evolved somewhat. Sadly, we see all too many escort agencies offering themselves as a tantric massage ‘therapist’ when they know nothing about the topic. Essentially, it has been and always will be a spiritual sensual practice.

tantric massage session

For the legitimate tantric massage agencies, just like ourselves, it has become harder because of the sheer amount of escort agencies covering themselves by using our name. However, we will continue to work hard in offering our services because we are passionate about reaching people with this type of massage. In a massage, actual tantric massage specialists aim to increase sexual awareness and truly open up erotic consciousness.

Over time, we have seen the development of many different techniques and variations and one of the most popular of late has been ‘Neotantra’. Although different people have different views on what varieties fall under the tantra umbrella, the term can generally be applied to any massage looking to engage tantric sexuality.

What should be expected? – There is often a lot of confusion regarding what actually goes on during a tantric massage so let’s clear it up. Modern tantric massage uses techniques that are hundreds of years old with the goal of offering something more spiritual than can be found in others. When attending a tantric massage, you should find that the session ends with a release of energy; it is often surprising to many first-timers just how powerful the sexual release can be.

There is also a popular technique currently that looks to combine ancient techniques with slightly newer ones. Here, you will find massages known as ‘hybrid’ or ‘combined’ tantric massages and this is a popular erotic service all around the world. In addition to the previous names, you will also see terms such as aqua tantric, nuru tantric, dark tantric, and fantasy tantric.

What are the benefits? – Tantric massage offers many different benefits with the most obvious coming from the release of stress and sexual tension; it offers a chance for you to relax and forget everything else in the world. In addition to this, it can also be a great way to prolong arousal which can vastly improve your personal life. If you have more control over your arousal, you will be able to perform better in the bedroom. If you open your mind to the experience, you will benefit from these and a whole lot more.

Can I get more information? – In truth, you have to be careful where you read information on this topic as there aren’t too many recognised authorities around the globe. The International School of Tantra, based in Switzerland, is one of the most famous places to join courses on the topic. However, information is quite sparse here and you won’t necessarily get the most basic questions answered such as ‘what is tantric massage?’.

In the UK, there is something similar that goes by the name of the London Tantric Massage Guide and they also offer bundles of information for those who are looking to learn more. If you’re interested in becoming a tantric masseuse, the TMG is definitely your best source of information as they can provide you with useful resources and advice of the steps to take.

Summary – In simple terms, a tantric massage will allow you to remove all stress from your life by the use of a sensual massage. Additionally, the core principles of tantra have been around for hundreds of years but we are now starting to see more modern principles coming in. With this, you should now be more informed than before but feel free to get in contact if you have any more questions or want more information!

By Charlie Young