London Nuru Massage – A Titillating and Blooming Experience

nuru massage

The slippery massage

The nuru slippery massage is absolutely the most seductive one among all erotic massage services. For your tired body, this massage can surely do wonders. But, taking these massages to a new level where the intimate moments are explored to such an extent that you are left powerless in front of the sensual and amorous experience. Our London based massage parlour offers a variety of massages for your fatigue bodies. One of our specialities is the famous Nuru massage which will surely do wonder for you.

Nuru massage is also known as the sliding massage with the use of the body.  The massage is performed using a special lube gel that is not only good for the body, but also delivers the subtle sensuality during the process. The word Nuru itself means slippery in Japanese, so it pretty much defines what this particular massage features. Just imagine if mere hands can indulge you into a heavenly experience, and then what would be the impact of the whole body that is sliding over your tired one. For this, we use the most provocative masseuses that will slip their hot bodies all over yours for the most titillating experience you can think of.

Our London Nuru massage session

The use of massage gel, which is quite commonly known as Nuru Gel, is applied on the body of the client. This gel is created using a kind of seaweed. This gel is slippery and is odour and taste free. The sensation that it delivers on application on the skin is cool and soothing which makes the nuru massage experience more vitalizing. This experience is enhanced as the masseuse uses their own body to give a massage. The feeling gets too much enhanced because of the hot nude body being used for the massage. With our charming masseuses, your heavenly desires can be fulfilled giving you a healthier body and lifestyle. Fully body nourishment through this enticing massage experience will give you the best experience ever. You can choose from our professional masseuses, both males and females for a tantalizing activity.

Book the Slippery Massage with us

Finding us is easy when it comes to your massaging services (Incall Nuru massage). You can indulge in a private session at your own places in London as well. (Outcall Nuru massage will ONLY add GBP20 for masseuse’s traveling fee) Just select the one you would prefer for your sensual activity and get indulged in the blissful experience of a full body to body massage. You can also choose more than one to enhance that insatiable massage act. Choose Nuru massage or many other specialties that our parlour offers for your satisfaction with total reliability.