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The Truth About Tantric Massage

Over the years, our opinions and views on tantric massage and tantra have changed. Although many are quick to make judgements on the topic at hand, many are still unaware of what it is and what it offers. For this reason, we have developed a short guide explaining exactly what tantric massage is, how it […]

Prepare for A Tantric Massage session

Happy new year dear readers… I hope you all had a wonderful new year party with your friends and family! This is my first day back to work in 2018, today, I’m going to share something about tanric massage session: how to prepare for a tantric massage? Prepare Yourself It is best to dedicate a […]

The Erotic Weekend has Arrived

The weekend has finally arrived and I am sure that many of you are as excited as we are here at Erotic London Massage. Why are we so excited you may ask, well there are many reasons why we are happy. The first is well its Friday and you know what that means…. its the […]

Incall vs Outcall Massage in London

London is one of the major cosmopolitan cities where it is all happening. London is the heart of the financial world and a large number of multinational corporations have their headquarters in London. Hectic corporate life causes a lot of stress for all those executives, managers and decision makers. Therefore it is absolutely necessary to […]

Tantric massage and Kundalini awakening

Kundalini awakening is the aim of the tantric massage , which does not happen suddenly and especially not on the first session, because during a tantric massage session the awakening is a passive one, which means that we let it be. When you are a practitioner of tantric massage, a tantric massage practitioner, the Kundalini […]

Sensual Massage and Sexual Massage

Have you ever enjoyed an erotic massage, tantric massage or sensual massage in London? Sensual Massage and Sexual Massage, Neither of these are sexual services but both could assist any person to improve his intimate relations with his partners. There are many reasons for an adult to develop barriers on their intimate relations with others. […]

Our Asian massage is the Ultimate Form of Pleasure

Pleasure is something that we are continuously striving for. After days and months of working tirelessly, every one of us deserves a pleasure filled evening. And what can be more pleasurable than a normal sensuous massage. Well, if you are bold enough why not go out and try the ultimate – the erotic Asian massages […]

Search for the best tantric massage

Having the best Tantric Massage London with a Sexy Masseuse – Erotic London When you make that decision to have a tantric Massage in London, you are open yourself up to one of the most sensual feelings in the world known to man or women :) If you live in London you are very fortunate […]

We are not Escort agency

Erotic Temple is a legal massage parlour with proper documents, we only provide massage service for discreet adult clients. All services are for pleasure only, not include any sexual activities. You can browse our service page for our massage details and learn our history in ‘our story’ page. If you are looking for an outstanding […]

Erotic Massage London – My Massage Fantasy Part 2

Continued from Part 1 My wife is lying on her stomach with her face turned toward me and I can see the pleasure in her eyes as the masseuse rubs every inch of her thighs with soft, slippery hands. My wife twitches occasionally, responding to every sensitive touch like she’s never felt it before. As […]