Easy steps for a lovable soapy massage for your Boyfriend

How to give A soapy massage – a very slippery & intimate massage?

Do you want to indulge in a sensual activity with your boyfriend? Then why not try the erotic soapy massage for starters? The tantalizing experience will trigger your inner hormones for the most sensual pleasure of a lifetime. It’s much more than your normal massage that might be relaxing, but is not capable of providing even half the pleasure as the sensual foamy massage does. With the right steps, you can make the activity so lovable for your partner that he will definitely admire your efforts. Who knows, the activity leads to something spicier in your sex life after the relaxing time you both will have together.

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So, let’s take a look at these easy steps to initiate with this lovable foamy massage experience.

  • Start with an assist shower or a bath: You can always start the erotic soapy massage activity with a nice assist shower or bath that will help you stay clean for that awesome massage. A bath will be much suited if you and your partner have a lot of difference in heights. If you are worried about infections then, the shower will be preferable.
  • Lather his body: Generate the mood with a nice foam setup. Lather sensually and delicately to give him the orgasmic pleasure that he would love to be your slave for. Keeping it soft and slippery will make you both pretty horny to try out more kinkiness.
  • Rub him all over: Surely, your partner would love stimulation at the penis, but that doesn’t mean that you have to stick to that particular portion only. Get exploring and rub all over his body to give him a pleasurable experience.
  • Keep your body working: Hands are surely not going to enough when such an erotic activity is performed. Try soaping and lathering his body with your body to maximize the experience. You both will surely love when such an activity is performed where both your bodies blend in an intimate activity of sensuality and pleasure.

After you follow such steps, you can always have a nice sexual activity there in the shower or perhaps at your bed if you want it to be more comfortable. Such a massage is beneficial for a long lasting urge to indulge in amorous pleasure so that you both can always stay connected. Sensual soapy massage in your love life, certainly gives you the pleasure of a lifetime.

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