We are not Escort agency

Erotic Temple is a legal massage parlour with proper documents, we only provide massage service for discreet adult clients. All services are for pleasure only, not include any sexual activities. You can browse our service page for our massage details and learn our history in ‘our story’ page.

If you are looking for an outstanding massage service in central London, we are perfect for you, but sometimes we receive calls from clients who are seeking call girl / escort services or ask for escort service when they met our massage goddess – but sorry we do not offer such services, you need to looking for other agencies.

In case you don’t know what is escort service, we are here to write a brief introduction of the mystic London adult entertainment industry.

What is a London Escort Agency?

Here at Erotic Temple we wanted to tell you a bit more about the London Escort scene and a bit more about how London Escort Agencies operate.

the escort agencyA London Escort Agency can be operated and managed in a two different ways. Outcalls only where girls only visit client’s homes or hotels or Incalls and outcalls where in addition to outcalls girls also see clients at their own apartments. These incall locations are usually based in Central and west London in affluent areas such as Paddington, Kensington, Chelsea and Bayswater. This allows clients to easily reach the locations using the London Underground.

Escort Agencies are spread all across the UK in all of the major cities such as Manchester, Glasgow and Leeds, but the majority or most of The Agencies are based in London which is a very densely populated city. London is alive and buzzing most of the time and as a result most Escort Agencies here are open at least 14 hours a day with about a third operating 24 hours a day. Many London Escort Agencies also take credit card bookings and offer overseas appointments.

The Escort Agency will do the majority of their advertising on the internet and will have their own website listing all of their Agency Escorts. These Escorts in London can be a variety of Nationalities. Most London Escorts ages range from 20-30 years of age and are slim in build. Many are professional models or actresses.

London Escort Agencies have a receptionist or team of receptionists who take bookings on a phone line listed on the Escort Agency website. Appointments range from 1 hour to dinner dates and overnight appointments. The agencies take a commission directly from the Escort for getting bookings and also providing them with advertising via their website. This is a win win situation for all parties concerned.

Escorts tend to be chosen based on their good looks. Escort Agencies also look to have girls on their books that are also well educated and have a pleasant personality. With regards to clients these can be as varied as the girls and have different circumstances and reasons for using an Escort Service. Any good London Escort Agency will value their clients privacy at all times.

We hope that this gives you a better insight into how Escort Agencies in London operate. Look out for more articles coming soon with lot more useful information and advice.

Erotic Massage London – My Massage Fantasy Part 2

Continued from Part 1

My wife is lying on her stomach with her face turned toward me and I can see the pleasure in her eyes as the masseuse rubs every inch of her thighs with soft, slippery hands. My wife twitches occasionally, responding to every sensitive touch like she’s never felt it before. As her hands massage the inner thighs, I hear my wife let out a sigh of pleasure. I’m glad she’s enjoying herself and suddenly feel my enjoyment swelling, as well. I’m so turned on at the sight of this and the thought that it’s pleasing my wife as well is almost too much to take.

The masseuse works her hands up over my wife’s buttocks, which definitely gets her attention. She moans a few times, and I watch her eyes roll closed as the soft hands roll over her every curve. The tantric pleasures are certainly hitting the right places and I’ve never seen my wife so happy. I’m watching as the masseuse begins to lean forward, lowering herself close enough to slide her entire body along my wife’s as she uses her hands to keep the massage going. At this touch, my wife utters a “hmmmm”, which lets me know she is definitely enjoying this as much as I am, if not more. The massage continues, with the two sexy, naked bodies rubbing against each other. She’s rubbing my wife’s neck and shoulders now, and has her breasts sliding across the small of her back to add to the pleasure.

Suddenly, she stands up, nudging my wife to turn over. Just when I thought it couldn’t get any better, now it’s time to do the front. I notice that I’ve been touching myself for some time now. How could I not? As she rolls over, the masseuse gets more oil ready. She places her hands on my wife’s shoulders again, with her breasts just inches from my wife’s face. This is too much to take. She continues rubbing down her body, slowly and methodically making sure to massage every inch of skin. Once she reaches the torso, she again uses her entire body to help with the rub down. My wife’s eyes have been closed for some time, which ensures me that she’s enjoying herself.

The masseuse massages down her stomach, to her pelvic region, and then to her thighs. As she finds all of the pleasurable spots on my wife’s body, I can’t help but writhe in anticipation of what’s coming next. Her hands glide across my wife’s body like butter, with the oil shining in the dim light, creating the perfect fantasy right in front of my eyes. Both women appear to be in a different world, and I’m just watching and waiting to see what happens. As she’s rubbing down the rest of my wife’s body, I can barely contain myself. By now, it’s been quite some time and I’m not sure how much longer I can stand this. Before I realize it, she looks up, slides her hands off of my wife’s body, and tells me it’s my turn.

Erotic Massage London – My Massage Fantasy Part 1

There are few things in this world better than the erotic massage London has to offer. However, when I discovered that they do couples massages, I was immediately in a hurry to get my wife involved in the process. Not only would we I be able to experience the pleasures of this sexy massage for myself, but I could also pamper my wife and enjoy watching her be rubbed down by another naked woman. It seems like a good situation all around, and I know that my wife will love the idea of an erotic massage because she’s just as into sexy new experiences as I am. I’ve already been fantasizing about this massage and can’t wait to get started.

I imagine a knock on the door of our flat. I answer the door and a gorgeous woman is standing on the other side of it, waiting to bring us both to new levels of pleasure. I’ve been told that the masseuse is a bisexual woman, so she will enjoy her work tonight and she definitely will know how to please my wife as well as me. This two hour experience is going to be one of the best of our lives. I tell my wife that the masseuse is here, and that she’s sexy. My wife comes into the room and looks the woman up and down, nodding her approval. She leads us both up to the bedroom, where we are instructed to take off our clothes while the masseuse sets up her things and prepares to get to work.

We both lie down on our stomachs, as we are instructed, and wait. As the sexy masseuse takes off her clothes, I see my wife’s eyes light up with excitement almost as quickly as mine do. She moves over to my wife, looking at me. As she warms the oil between her hands, I am squirming in anticipation of what is about to come. I am staring at two beautiful, naked women, and they are about to be touching each other. That’s almost too much to take. I roll onto my side to get a better view just as she puts her hands on my wife’s legs and starts to massage them slowly and deliberately. My wife already appears pleased and she’s barely begun.

The masseuse works her hands on my wife’s ankles and feet, massaging the oil into her skin. I can see it glisten in the dim light of the bedroom and it makes the entire scene even more of a turn on. I can feel my pleasure growing as I see my wife moaning under the hands of this beautiful woman. She slowly moves her hands up my wife’s legs, paying special attention to every single detail of her body. I’ve never seen something more sensual or erotic in my lifetime. As my wife is softly moaning and gasping with every touch, the masseuse continues to work her way up the legs to her thighs, which is when things really start to heat up.

To be continued…